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Ogo Gion Matsuri (Ogo Gion Festival)

This festival is held in Ogo City. It originated as a commemoration of the elimination of a plague from the city in the Edo Era by the god Tenosama and a furious lion. A handmade lion is carried through the city.



What to See at Ogo Gion Festival

Abarejishi (Furious Lion)

The members of young men’s association in Ogo City make the lion every year. The lion is carried by both its members and the people invited to the festival.  It is carried in a very rough way to show how furious the lion is about sickness.

Tenosama (Tenosama the God)

On the morning of the festival, a portable shrine with the spirit of the god Tenosama is carried around the city. A holy horse leads at the front, then the shrine, the Shinto priest, and Sarutahiko, another god, walk in single file to the Tennokura, the local shrine.


Local people together with the participants from other areas display their dances on the stage and on Shitamachi Main Street creating a festive mood for all.