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Maebashi Matsuri (Maebashi Festival)

This festival started in 1948 as an event to encourage the reconstruction of Maebashi City. All participants are welcome. “Maebashi Danbe Matsuri (Maebashi Danbe Festival)” which started in 1995 makes the whole festival all together more lively.


What to See at the Festival

Maebashi Danbe Matsuri
(Maebashi Danbe Festival)

The participants display their Danbe Dance to the rhythm of samba and jazz. The dance is easy to learn so that small children as well as older people can join together and enjoy the dance. The dance employs a clapper shaped like a ginkgo leaf,  and dancers call out “Sodanbe, Sodanbe” meaning “that is right, isn’t it?” The number of the participants has recently increased and new activities have been added to the festival.

Gion Dashi and Mikoshi
(Gion Floats and Portable Shrine)

The participants carry various types of floats and portable shrines throughout the city, creating a festival mood.

Brass Band Parade by Elementary and Junior High School Students

The local elementary school students march throughout the city playing music and the junior high school students show their brass band performance on the stage at Maebashi Plaza Genki 21.