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Ogo Green Flower Pasture

1369-1 Takikubo-machi, Maebashi, Gunma 371-0235 Japan

Several shops are available inside.

Available up to 391 cars.

The Dutch-style windmill that is 22 meters high is a landmark in an open pasture, which is located on the south side of Mt. Akagi. Here we can see sheep, ponies, rabbits, and other animals and there are also exercise stations, guest cabins to stay over, and barbeque pits. “Sakura Matsuri” (Cherry Blossoms Festival) is held in the spring and “Windmill” Festival is in the fall. At the shop called Sampomichi, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.


By Train and Bus: Take Nagano Shinkansen to Takasaki and change trains at Takasaki Station to the Ryomo Line. Get off the train at Maebashi Station and walk about 15 minutes to Chuo Maebashi Station of Jomo Dentetsu. Get on the train there and off at Ogo Station. The public bus is available from Ogo Station. Get off the bus at Choei Bokujo.

By Car: It takes about 30 minutes from Akagi Exit off the Kan-etsu Expressway or also 30 minutes from Komagata Exit off the Kitakanto Expressway toward Route 353.

Parking Free

Where to Go in the Open Meadow

Restaurant Makiba  (Meadow)

Restaurant Makiba is on the east side of the windmill. You can eat soba noodles and udon noodles here. The BBQ is available from March to November.

Petting Zoo and Exercise Area

Next to the restaurant “Makiba” is a petting zoo. The exercise areas have a 50-meter-long roller slide and other equipments.


Vegetable Shop “Sampomichi”

The shop sells many kinds of vegetables, mushrooms and fruits. The products are very fresh and reasonably priced, being sold with the names of the farmers on each bag of the items. The ice cream is another popular item at the shop.
Telephone: +81-27-287-0011